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General Contractor and Remodeling in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 

Righteous Home Improvement contracting general contractor and remodeling in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania business is where calls get returned promptly, deadlines get met, spending plans get followed, and no corners get cut. We have been a top-notch contractor and home remodeling expert in the region for years. You’ll have a nearby contractor you can rely on with us.… Continue reading General Contractor and Remodeling in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 

Testing the system

The water system works👷‍♂️. We helped our clients with their water pumps. Here is us testing the system and showing show you how it proceeds. The pipelines connected give a proper insight into the connections our system provides. Here is a display of its link with the bathtub, which we fill when water runs up,… Continue reading Testing the system

Beginning of Bathroom Restoration

Connections👍. In the video, you can see the toilet. At first, we decided to avoid the main line. Later, we connected the kitchen drain of the pump on one side and the drain of the bathroom sink on the other on the back. It does not connect with the bathtub and the shower area. The… Continue reading Beginning of Bathroom Restoration

Leak Detect

Bad leaks💧. You can see a destructed water system and a plumbing issue arise at a house. We reached on time, offering our provisions to repair it for the clients, as it gets displayed in the video. As you can see, our professionals have opened the ceiling to detect the issue well and provide the… Continue reading Leak Detect

The Bathroom Remodeling Services You Need

Remodeling and updating your bathroom is a terrific way to give your house a new look. Bathroom renovations can generate a sizable return on investment when done right. We may assist with installing new sinks, glass shower doors, or exquisite tile floors, among other things. Our Services for Bathroom Renovation We have the tools necessary… Continue reading The Bathroom Remodeling Services You Need

How does Basement Remodeling Help?

We can assist you with converting underutilized space into an in-law suite, office, workshop, rental house, home theatre, home gym, game room, or children’s playroom. We provide a wide range of basement finishing and remodeling services, from minor improvements to a full basement remodel. Here are some of the services we offer for basement remodeling:… Continue reading How does Basement Remodeling Help?

Windows and Door Installation Methodology

Your home’s windows and doors serve more purposes than just serving as a doorway to the outer world. They give your house a better aesthetic, lighter air, and many framed views from the inside out. But it is not unusual for the wood and seals around the structure to lose their effectiveness over time and… Continue reading Windows and Door Installation Methodology

Home Improvement Contracting

Upholstery is a magnet for dirt, crumbs, stains, and bacteria. These cling to the cloth like few other household surfaces and turn your once comfy couch or chair crusty, smelly, or discolored to enjoy. However, there are many ways to clean your upholstery. There will always be dust and accidents, even if you are careful.… Continue reading Home Improvement Contracting

30 Day Basement Remodel

Hillside New Jersey 30 day basement remodel; customer wanted new bathroom installed in the basement of her home in hillside New Jersey, but was on a tight budget. Our team explained to the customer about Saniflo toilet pump system,and it’s benefits. Customer agreed and saved $3,500 dollars in labor and materials cost to install a… Continue reading 30 Day Basement Remodel

30 Day Full Bathroom Remodel

Staten Island , New York 10304 30 Day Full bathroom remodel. Refurbished Tub, Bluetooth air vent, new shower and sink fixtures, ceramic floor tile, new cabinets and vanity, also had to snake the tub line for slow drainage purposes and also had to snake sink drain. Water draining slow!!!