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Qualities of a Righteous Superintendent

Knowledgeable – A great superintendent becomes an expert on – not just the industry- but the specific job at hand. A Superintendent should learn as much as possible about the structure of the client, and their vision in order to create value on the project.

Focused – Must focus on the “big picture” at hand, while also keeping a variety of small project details in mind. The job is a balancing act which requires a focused mind, priority management, and learning experience.

Engaging – A Truly engaged superintendent seeks out opportunities in a project that improve the final product. The reach out to subcontractors and team members for value input. In that journey, He or she gains a better understanding of the project, what is of value to all project participants,and how to improve the construction experience for all involved.

Tenacious – The superintendent should be the first respond ant and last line of defense for risk management. “this puts great responsibility on supers to manage project risk and mitigate any issues. They must be steadfast in assuring that each part of the project has been completed and every team member is working safely and efficiently.

Professional – Great superintendents lead their teams by example by following and promoting policies on the job site. They build relationships with team members by promoting integrity, and collaboration, which creates an environment of trust and open communication

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