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Full Bathroom Remodels

Bathroom Renovation Costs

Bathroom repair costs run anywhere from $1,500 to $20,000 or more. Renovations and remodels differ significantly.

Renovating, or rehabilitating, refers to the process of repairing something to make it like new again. This includes fixing damage, repainting and resurfacing. Your fixtures and configuration stay as is.
Remodeling generally involves replacing or upgrading to new fixtures, tubs, showers and tile. This process often also involves new layouts and design work. The price of replacing a bathroom depends heavily on the size and quality you want, but it’s more expensive than renovating Insurance sometimes pays for repair work, depending on the cause. Remodels are almost always out of pocket expenses entirely on the homeowner.

Typical Cost to Update Bathroom

Bathroom makeovers cost anywhere from $300 to $3,000. Typically, updating entails simple and economical changes to gain dramatic results. Common upgrades include:

A fresh coat of paint.

New faucets.

Cabinet hardware.

Addition of a new sink.

New counters.

Added wall shelves or artwork.

Determining your bathroom makeover budget can be tricky. Consider the following:

Room size

Regional pricing differences. Expect to pay up to 20% more if you live in an area with high real estate prices.
Quality of materials. A fiberglass shower surround might run only $300. Custom tile work can easily hit $3,000+.
Changing the floor plan. Making your bath larger, like converting a half bath to a full bath costs an additional $5,000+.

Type of fixtures, appliances, counters and finishes you choose. Make a plan that includes both design and budget before choosing what to buy for your bath remodel.


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